Over 500,000 articles in Paperity

Today, five months after launch, Paperity reached an important milestone: the number of articles aggregated surpassed 500,000 items. This makes Paperity comparable in size to some of the most popular disciplinary repositories of scholarly literature, such as the Social Science Research Network (SSRN), which contains 491,100 articles at the time of writing. We are even more pleased with this achievement given that it coincides in time with establishing a partnership with Altmetric, a leading provider of alternative metrics of research impact – see the announcement for details. Paperity is indexing now 14% of all newly published Open Access literature, “gold” or “hybrid”.

14% road sign

The volume of articles in Paperity has grown 3-fold in less than half a year, from 160,000 papers on October 1, 2014, when Paperity was launched. Such a large increase was possible thanks to inclusion of several hundred new journals, big and small, among them many Open Access periodicals from leading publishers: BioMed Central, Oxford University Press, Royal Society and others.

More than 42,000 articles currently present in Paperity are newer than 12 months, thus we can estimate that Paperity indexes right now 14% of all newly published Open Access literature, “gold” or “hybrid”. This is a very significant progress that takes us closer to the ultimate goal of indexing 100% of Open Access papers. The total number of gold and hybrid OA articles published globally in 2014 can be estimated at 312,000, according to the Outsell’s report “Open Access: Market Size, Share, Forecast, and Trends”.

We encourage all editors and publishers to add their Open Access journals to Paperity. Detailed information about the process and terms of inclusion, as well as the submission form, can be found on the Add Journal page.

(photo by Eamon Curry, CC BY 2.0)