Paperity will help fight plagiarism

Paperity has established strategic cooperation with and, a leading EU-based provider of anti-plagiarism software. Under this cooperation, Paperity will share with the bibliographic data of all the aggregated articles, current and future ones. Consequently,’s database of reference works will expand by one million documents already now, and even more in the future, making’s anti-plagiarism software much more efficient and accurate.

Plagiat_StrikePlagiarism_3What is particularly important is that Paperity indexes literature in many different languages, which will facilitate multi-lingual anti-plagiarism checks as offered by in English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, and other languages.

Journals included in Paperity will also benefit from greater anti-plagiarism protection of their articles and from an increased number of accurate citations that correctly reference journal publications., together with its international brand, is a leading provider of anti-plagiarism software, offering its services in countries across Europe and Asia, particularly in Poland and Romania, and cooperating already now with more than 250 universities around the world. offers its services to universities, publishing houses and private users, as well as to numerous public institutions.’s mission is to provide technological and organizational solutions that will improve the quality of education and enhance protection against academic fraud.

Paperity is the first multidisciplinary aggregator of scholarly journals and papers published in Open Access. Paperity gives readers easy access, in one place, to one million articles from thousands of journals encompassing all scholarly disciplines. The collection is growing continuously. Paperity indexes currently 1/3 of newly published Gold Open Access papers and aims to index ultimately all open literature.

LogoPaperity_tagline-colors_wide_on-whiteOne of our main objectives in Paperity is that the literature we index shall be used as broadly as possible by the academic community, for various academic purposes and for the creation of different add-on services. This is why we are so pleased to begin cooperation with The verification of originality of publications is a critical element of scholarly communication, and thanks to the cooperation with, Paperity will contribute to the protection against academic fraud and to the improved quality of newly published papers and dissertations. Importantly, all journals participating in Paperity will gain greater anti-plagiarism protection for their content and a better guarantee that bibliographic references to their articles are always present and correct, which will translate to growth of their impact – says Marcin Wojnarski, CEO of Paperity.

The combination of Paperity’s potential with our activities is an opportunity for to even more effectively realize its mission of improving the quality of education. has access to the largest comparative database of previous works, consisting of verified dissertations that have been collected by the system since 2003; ORPPD, WWW databases, the Legal Acts Database and the resources of the NEKST search engine. Extending this database with one million documents from Paperity establishes another milestone in the struggle for efficient anti-plagiarism protection in the process of graduation – said Kamil Nagrodzki, CEO of

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