Paperity Hits 1 Million Paper Milestone

To bring all open literature – from different countries, institutions, research disciplines – all to one place, for unconstrained access and discovery… Is it possible?

itort2We asked this question two years ago, when launching Paperity, the first multi-disciplinary aggregator of Open Access (OA) journals and papers. We had realized at that time that the system of scholarly communication was broken and inefficient, and were looking for ways to fix it. Our aim while developing Paperity was to catalogue all Open Access literature, give readers frictionless, quick access to full-text papers in one central location, and in this way facilitate discovery of OA literature, improve dissemination of new research findings and help scholars communicate efficiently.

After two years of development and the inclusion of nearly 3,000 journals in Paperity, we reached today an important milestone: the inclusion of the 1,000,000th article. With about 100,000 of Paperity articles being less than 1-year old, Paperity is indexing now 30% of all newly published Gold Open Access papers. We are looking for ways to extend the aggregation to Green OA literature, too.

We can say today with more confidence than ever before, that Paperity is, in fact, the way to improve and fix the scholarly communication. Every day we are getting closer to the ultimate goal of indexing 100% of open literature. Achieving the 1 million paper milestone proves that a precisely targeted aggregation, focused on individual journals, one that maintains full paper-journal connection and preserves all article metadata – as pioneered by Paperity – is technically feasible and extremely valuable for authors and readers.

twitter_4Our efforts have been recognized by scholars and the broader academic community, who have expressed their strong support for Paperity and thanked us many times for building the website. We have also established successful partnerships with renowned organizations in the field of scholarly communication: EBSCO,,, Altmetric – who help us further improve the discoverability of aggregated literature, provide enhanced anti-plagiarism protection for journals and facilitate measurements of article impact.

Paperity undergoes constant development, both in terms of literature coverage and  application features. For example, we are about to deploy advanced search functionality in the coming days, to help users sift through 1+ million articles present now in Paperity and find the exact papers they need. With the advanced search, it will be also possible to generate RSS feeds on arbitrary search queries and easily track what new papers are being published on a given topic. Stay tuned!

As usual, we are accepting requests for journal inclusion, which can be submitted through the Add Journal page.

While celebrating the million article milestone, we hope that future Paperity development will be as dynamic and successful as it was till now. We are looking forward to having you with us, so that we can transform the system of scholarly communication together, for better Science and for a better world.

Oh! And the 1 millionth article indexed by Paperity is: Prevalence and incidence of chronic wounds and related complications: a protocol for a systematic review by Krister Järbrink, Gao Ni, Henrik Sönnergren, Artur Schmidtchen, Caroline Pang, Ram Bajpai and Josip Car. Congratulations to the authors!

(photo by Phil King, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)